Legal areas


I am dedicated to fighting for the rights of the individual consumer and all those that have been hurt by the down turn in the economy.  I can fight for you and be your advocate in this time of financial crisis.  Whether you are struggling to make your mortgage payments or have found yourself to be unemployed and you believe you have no other option than bankruptcy.  I can help you find other options!  If you have been mistreated or cheated by creditors, Clayne I Corey PLLC will mount a vigourous defense on your behalf.


I have a great support staff and can provide you with representation on your bankruptcy, advising you of your rights in either a Chapter 13 or Chapter 7.  If you are unsure of your rights or whether bankruptcy in Utah is right for you, I can consult with you and answer your questions.  I make no judgments in your time of financial crisis and am here to solve your problems in a professional and timely way.


If you are not yet at the crossroads, and would like to avoid bankruptcy, I can help.  If you are behind on your mortgage payments and foreclosure is imminent, there may be options that can keep you in your home, if not temporarily, maybe permanently.  I have successfully provided service to consumers by representing them in obtaining loan modifications.  I have successfully kept many in their homes well past the foreclosure sale, to preserve your rights.  Your mortgage documents may not have been legally prepared, therefore, you may have a case in which the mortgage company may not be able to legally foreclose.  These options must be reviewed by a Utah attorney, and I am that attorney.  A vigorous attack on foreclosures by various large banks may be in your best interests, and the time to act is now!


I am not only a Utah attorney, I also have an MBA, accounting, and finance degrees.  I am ready to take care of your tax issues.  If you are in need of individual tax preparation or corporate tax preparation, Clayne I Corey PLLC is for you.  If you have found yourself behind on taxes, or owe more than you are able to pay back, We can review your individual situation and find options that suit your needs.  There are many legal solutions that you may not be aware of, including but not limited to an Offer in Compromise, payment arrangements, and abatement of penalties.  Don't wait to call, we are standing by to help.